The Best Things to Do in Singapore for Couples and Friends

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The Best Things to Do in Singapore for Couples and Friends


We have been trapped and could not go outside freely since the beginning of 2020, so it has been 2 years. We have to stay at home because of pandemic and no one know how long we must do social distancing and face are restrictions that make us unable to do outdoor activities freely and safely.

When the condition is getting better, you must be excited to finally plan your trip and holiday. Singapore can be your best destination for your next holiday after doing self-isolation for about 2 years. There are great things to do in Singapore with your friends and your loved ones.

Many travelers and tourists avoid Singapore because of its high cost, cleanliness, lack of tourism attractions. However, do you know that skipping Singapore from your South Asia tour is an unfortunate mistake? Once you know and understand why Singapore is a great country to visit, you may plan to get back there once again and again.

The Charms of Singapore

Singapore is the South Asian melting pot because you can find people from different backgrounds all around the world there. Singapore spoils the tourists with stylish skyscrapers that make this country described as a playground for those who hold a golden spoon. It is true that Singapore provides more than a sheen of wealth.

Singapore offers you luxury shopping malls, fine dining, deluxe hotels, advanced facilities, a wonderful view from the skyscraper, and other expensive stuff. Moreover, Singapore also has a superb public transportation system that makes strolling around easy and also convenient. English is everywhere, the signs use English, and you can talk to everyone in English so that you can navigate where you want to go easier.

On the other side, even though Singapore is a modern country where you can find modern buildings there, you can still find traditional vibes there. When you stroll around the main roads in Singapore, you will also find hawker stalls where you can enjoy various delicate food there. You do not have to worry to get a lot of food there because they are affordable.

Those are only some little charms of Singapore you might misunderstand all this time. If you want to know more about Singapore, you may fall in love with this country. Here, we have some reasons why you should visit Singapore as your next trip.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Singapore

Singapore becomes one of the most comfortable countries in Southeast Asia to navigate as Singaporeans speak English as their mother tongue. Moreover, Singapore has warm weather so you can go there as your holiday destination year-round. Here are some strong reasons why you should visit Singapore.


Singapore is well known for its cleanliness even though some people think still that is too much because you cannot throw tiny single trash carelessly. This is actually a very good thing and people should do that anywhere they are. This culture will create a healthy habit for everyone because we must not litter our environment.

Singapore takes littering and spitting seriously that every individual who does littering or spitting carelessly will have their punishment. This rule creates a healthy generation that makes Singaporean get used to not littering. If you are still throwing your trash carelessly, you should go to Singapore to train yourself to stop that bad habit.

No wonder Singapore becomes one of the cleanest cities in the world because of the spitting and littering rule. That is why when you visit Singapore, you will not find any place with an unpleasant smell or single trash on the street. Some may think that Singapore is being clinical, but this rule is great to create a healthy habit and environment.

Cultural diversity

Singapore is quite different from other countries in Southeast Asia as Singapore has cultural and religious diversity there. As mentioned before, Singapore is the Southeast Asian melting pot where you can find and meet many different people, traditions, cultures, religions mixed in one place called Singapore.

The country itself has four official languages including English, Malay, Mandarin, and also Tamil. Singapore also will celebrate the national holidays from different religions mostly Singaporean believed. Moreover, the cultural diversity also can be seen from the culinary that you can find various culinary in Singapore from all around the world.

Wonderful architecture

Wonderful things to do in Singapore are strolling around the city and enjoying the wonderful architecture they have. When you visit Singapore, you will find a lot of buildings with great and unique architecture. This country is even more interesting for you who like to explore finding stunning buildings.

Some Places to Do Exciting Things in Singapore with Friends and Loved Ones

You already know the charm of Singapore and some reasons why you have to visit Singapore above. When you have a holiday, you must wish that you can do a lot of exciting things with friends, family, and your loved ones. Singapore provides you with many great things you can enjoy with your loved ones, family, and also friends.

Here are some exciting things to do in Singapore with friends, family, and couples;

Marina Bay

One of the most popular tourism in Singapore you must visit is Marina Bay which is located around 0.7 miles from the city center. The wonderful architecture become one of the strongest attractions for tourists to visit this place. Besides, tourists also can visit some other famous places including The Float, Art Science Museum, Merion Park, and Singapore Flyer.

Marina Bay will draw your eyes with wonderful and amazing features there in Marina Bay Sands. You can find luxurious places in this complex including multiple nightclubs, luxury shopping malls, performance hall, overnight accommodations, and other spectacular places. Wonderful things to do in Singapore for couples are mostly done in this area.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

UNESCO nominated Singapore as one of World Heritage for their wonderful botanical gardens for some good reasons. The city might feel like a future-like city completed with various advanced technology, but on the other side, you can feel the city like a comfortable clean concrete jungle.

Moreover, Singapore’s botanic gardens represent a wilder heritage that will make you feel embraced by mother nature. You can follow the trail that will lead you to the heritage trees gardens where you can enjoy various types of trees. Among the skyscrapers, you can also find the beautiful National Orchid Garden where you can enjoy the beauty of various orchids there.

Orchard Road

Another must-visit place in Singapore is Orchard Road. This road is completely the right destination for shopaholics because you can find six department stores and twenty-two malls there. This road is heaven for shopaholics because you can find high-end stores that sell many luxury stuff.

While you are finally hungry and tired after burning through all of your cash, you can enjoy some food stalls that sell various food. You can find delicate dessert, main course, or just various tantalizing drinks. Shopping, enjoying food and drink, and watching movies are some exciting things to do in Singapore, especially on Orchard Road because you can also find four movie theatres there.


Besides wonderful skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and breath-taking botanic gardens, Singapore is also well-known for its Chinatown. You can find various signature stores that you usually find in Chinatown all around the world. Those signatures include bright red lanterns, small mom-and-pop stores, aesthetic Chinese house decoration, Chinese restaurants, and other wonderful things.

Chinatown in Singapore also has some temples there including the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and Buddha Tooth Relic temple. Around Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, you can hear a drum ceremony that is usually played at 4 in the morning. You can also enjoy the closing ceremony at the dawn.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island will be the best destination for you if you crave doing some fun under the sun. Siloso Beach which is located in Sentosa Island is the most highly recommended place for you to visit. In Siloso Beach you can enjoy kayaking, playing volleyball, skimboarding, and other outdoor activities.

Other fun things to do in Singapore, especially on Sentosa Island, are visiting Underwater World Aquarium and swimming with dolphins there. The view around the island is very breath-taking so you can just enjoy it while spending the best quality time with friends, family, or loved ones.

Universal Studio Singapore

Another must-visit place in Singapore is The Universal Studio where you can find various rides and wonderful places there. Your dream park that you always imagined when you were kids is real there. This park is wonderful because it is arranged thematically so that you can find places based on its areas.

You can find wonderful destinations there including Hollywood theme, New York City, Ancient Egypt, and Madagascar. In the fiction-themed area, you can find Lost World, Science Fiction City, Shrek’s Far Far Away, and others. Besides, you can pomp your adrenaline by riding scary rides and calm yourself down by riding kiddie-friendly rides.

There are many wonderful things to do in Singapore, especially in Universal Studio. Those things will be unforgettable moments for you, your friend, family, and loved ones.

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