TD Spa Singapore – 22 Bedok North Street 2, #01-132, Singapore

TD Spa Singapore
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TD Spa Singapore


TD Spa Singapore – A spa place in Singapore which is quite popular and many people visit is TD Spa Singapore. This spa place can be used for massage for men and women. Are you looking for information about TD Spa Singapore? This article contains information on the address and telephone number of TD Spa Singapore.

TD Spa Singapore

Below is the address and telephone number for TD Spa Singapore:

  • Place Name: TD Spa – Traditional Thai Massage
  • Address: 122 Bedok North Street 2, #01-132, Singapore 460122
  • Phone Number: +6588837377
  • Hours:
    • Wednesday 10AM–1AM
    • Thursday 10AM–1AM
    • Friday 10AM–1:30AM
    • Saturday 10AM–1:30AM
    • Sunday 10AM–1AM
    • Monday 10AM–1AM
    • Tuesday 10AM–1AM
  • Website:
  • Appointments:

That’s the information we can give you about TD Spa Singapore. For those of you who have other information about TD Spa Singapore or have experience at TD Spa Singapore, you can write it in the comments column.

TD Spa Singapore Reviews

TD Spa Singapore also has a lot of customers. They also recommend this spa as the best place when you are looking for a spa in Singapore. Here are some reviews from customers who have gone there:

Gwen Wong: Managed to finally try this place after hearing good reviews. Lucky they took my 2 x 60 min appointment at the last minute. Lynn did my Thai massage she was rlly fantastic! My husband did the oil massage and said his masseuse was also very very good. You may not expect such a good massage and service from how it looks but it’s really a gem! Will return

Madeline: I was pleasantly surprised by the massage! Was convinced to visit this place due to the amazing reviews on Google and turns out, the ratings are indeed reliable. Made the booking via the online platform, received immediate confirmation. Had a relaxing massage and as with a traditional thai massage, it ended with an amazing neck and back crack (my fav part!). I believe they are able to keep prices low because they are situated in a neighbourhood area. Don’t let it deter you from visiting. You’ll definitely get a good bang for your buck. I’ll visit again. 👍🏻

Kevin Chan: Came here with my wife. The massages are good and relaxing and of good value. More importantly, they found my wedding band (attached to my chain) and returned it quickly. Really 2 thumbs up.

DiyaJayraj Paglinawan:  The staff are very accommodating and consideration, I was late fory appointment cus I got lost( bad in direction) but still they give me a slot. Lucky it’s not busy day. Was attended by Ana, and she’s very good.. The best massage parlour I’ve been to.

Sitalakshmi Ramasamy: I went there with too much pain in the neck and back. What a relief! Such a great place. Ann was super strong in her moves 👏 💪 will definitely come back

PRAJWAL GOUDA: Been today for first time, A very good and refreshing massage, highly recommend the place , got my back and shoulder pain fixed from Anne 😊

nik tan: Very nice place for decent massage , 2nd time visiting – so far so good – have already introduce a few friend over to try , hopefully no disappointment

Felicia Prasetya: Managed to book a last min slot at this place. Good quality and authentic Thai massage. Similar to what you will get if you are in Thailand. Price is also reasonable. I was a bit worried at first since this is my first time trying but I really liked the massage. Uncle at counter was also polite to clients.

Cher: Had a backache. Went down for massage with Ann. Good firm pressure applied throughout massage. Back feels much better. Prices are reasonable . Will come
Back again!

Nurhidayah Aziz: For me its the best thai message I’ve ever experienced. At first I was skeptical as rarely do massage parlours have their massages on the floor. However, after going through the massage I think all massage parlours should do their massages on the floor. Only then can the massage be done with full effort and those hard to reach places like inner thighs can be stretched. I fully recommend this place.

Ashton Chong: Strong authentic Thai massage, with the masseuse constantly asking you if the pressure is good enough. Indeed the pressure was good! For those who are wondering I’m 6ft tall and generally people who try to crack my back often lose balance and fall down, this lady steady can crack my back without losing balance. Not for the weak minded looking for a gentle backrub.

Fadz Lee: I would like to give compliment to a masseur named Kim. She has small fingers but strong pressure.Hence giving a very good deep point massage. i would highly recommend kim

Azroy: First time been there, good massage by the thailand woman. She did well compare to other spa that i’ve been to. Clean enviroment no hanky panky feel much better after massage. Recommended!

Jeremiah Wee: Went down after having 5 days of bad neck sches, severe enough to prevent me from turning my head left to right fully. Had a solid 1hr massage and left being able to turn without pain again! I’ll be making this a regular massage place for sure…

Ashyikin: I had Ms Kim twice as my masseur and she is aaaamazing! She helped me with my backpain and joint stiffness and I went home feeling alive! She is attentive and very professional, def knows what she’s doing.

Ben Chin: It was my first time over here and I had an amazing experience. The owner of this place is polite and answers your queries honestly. The interior of this establishment is clean and cozy. Therapists are experienced and know exactly what they are doing. Do not be afraid of Therapists using too much/little strength. There was clear communication between therapist and customer as well. Good location I must say for east siders! I will definitely recommend anyone, from having a relaxing massage, or to the fitness enthusiasts. This is the place to be 👍🏻

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