Grandeur Spa Singapore – 480 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248365

Grandeur Spa Singapore
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Grandeur Spa Singapore


Grandeur Spa Singapore – One of the most popular spa places in Singapore is Grandeur Spa. There are many beautiful and experienced therapists who will serve you. For those of you who are looking for information on the address and phone number of Grandeur Spa Singapore, now you have found it. In this article we would like to provide information about Grandeur Spa Singapore.

Grandeur Spa Singapore

Below is the address and telephone number for Grandeur Spa Singapore:

  • Place Name: Grandeur Spa
  • Address: 480 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248365
  • Phone Number: +6563105589
  • Hours:
    • Wednesday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Thursday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Friday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Saturday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Sunday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Monday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Tuesday 9AM–10:30PM
  • Website:

We hope this information about Grandeur Spa Singapore is useful for you. If you have other information about Grandeur Spa Singapore or have experience there, please write in the comments column.

Many customers give good reviews on this spa in Singapore. The following are some of the reviews that have been given by Grandeur Spa customers:

Han Sham: Yesterday I book a 2hours section with Mia at 2.10pm. I was my first time there. She is very professional, kind and respectful therapist. We had a good time talking and her massage was excellent. Nice and soft hands. I will book her again in the near future. Keep it up, Mia👍🏼

Leo Ng: I decided to try the massage service at Grandeur Spa and met the cute and friendly Gladys. Not only is Gladys able to interact well, she is also very skillful in massage. We always have many things to chat about during our session while she is helping me relieve my tired muscles. I will highly recommend Gladys if you are looking for some nice chat and massage.

I Seraos: Very clean and hygienic spa with friendly and welcoming staff .. all above board. I had a two hour hot oil massage with Mia who was very friendly and professional. Most importantly she had some of the best technique I have experienced so far. The pressure was consistent throughout the two hour massage and that says something given that she was able to iron out all the knots and kinks on my back and knees. Will certainly visit again.

Htayy Win: I have been to Grandeur Spa months ago but didn’t visit for a long time. Normally, when I go to a spa, I usually try all masseurs/ therapists and then finally stick to the favorite one or two. This time around, after I tried Nana, I do not need to try more because my first experience is already phenomenal. She speaks English pretty well and I don’t feel isolated. Friendly chit-chat, magical hands made my day whenever I go there. Whenever I’m free from work, I feel like going there. You will have no regret to go to Nana and I fully recommend her. I’m sure every therapist has her own strength and beauty and I’ll expand my enjoyment by going to Grandeur more often. Remember..! NANA..!
Thanks a lot, Nana.

Koh Khai Chuan: Feeling great last night after a relax hot oil massage and had a good sleep. My therapist was Wini and her massage had loosen up my tight muscles for neck, shoulder and back. Great Job and will patronage Grandeur Spa again.

Jayson Youth: Had a afternoon session with Nana, and it was a pleasant experience. The massage was good and relaxing, and Nana seems very experience in applying the right pressure. After that massage felt very refreshed and ready to work again. Highly recommended!

Daniel Komula: Mia was amazing. Very knowledgeable on how to work tension points and to work muscles different ways. Immediate sciatic release and upper body relaxation. One of the best deep tissue massages I have ever received. Highly recommend Mia.

Ah Huat: I’m so happy & satisfied with session with Vivi today. She very friendly and charming therapist person.. I like the way she massage me, very good and strong.. I will come again very soon

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