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balian springs spa alexandria va
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Balian Springs


Balian Spa Alexandria VA – One of the popular spa venues in Alexandria, is Balian Spa Alexandria VA. There are many spa services offered there. You will feel the sensation of an extraordinary spa when you come to this place. If you are currently looking for information about Balian Spa Alexandria VA, now you have found it.

Balian Spa Alexandria VA

Below is information about the phone number and address of Balian Spa Alexandria VA:

  • Place Name: Balian Springs
  • Address: 6432 General Green Way, Alexandria, VA 22312, United States
  • Phone Number: +17034369107
  • Hours:
    • Thursday 9AM–9:30PM
    • Friday 9AM–9:30PM
    • Saturday 9AM–9:30PM
    • Sunday 9AM–9:30PM
    • Monday 9AM–9:30PM
    • Tuesday 9AM–9:30PM
    • Wednesday 9AM–9:30PM
  • Website:
  • Instagram:

That’s the information about Balian Spa Alexandria VA that we can provide. If you have additional information about Balian Spa Alexandria VA, or have experience from visiting it, please write it in the comments column.

About Balian Springs

Enter an oasis of happiness and tranquility. Imagine a place where your health is a priority not an afterthought…a place where all the best parts of life come together. Away from the busy outside world and reconnect with yourself.

Just like heaven…

Balian Springs offers a unique wellness journey for those seeking a meaningful balance between personal mental physical and social well-being. This first-of-its-kind daily membership-based social health club is designed to transport you to your favorite tropical oasis and features a luxurious beauty spa delicious and nutritious dining a relaxing lounge a healing hydrotherapy pool a detox sauna and more a lot.

The inspiration for Balian Springs came from a visit to Bali Indonesia where the tradition of spiritual rituals blended harmoniously with the lavish and luxurious aspects of life. In line with the growing market for social clubs and community-based wellness programs Ballian Springs expands the traditional definition of self-care to be accessible to all who seek a balanced lifestyle.

What is a Social Wellness Club?

Social health clubs combine aspects of social health and self-care with more traditional health offerings to provide an experiential attraction centered around balance. Explore all aspects of well-being including emotional physical mental spiritual and social well-being.

The energy of my time has shifted to my mind to make my care more individualized. Life and turns. Studies show that you are twice as likely to achieve your health goals with the help of a support system.

From the peloton community of riders and instructors to meditation group facilitators interactive communities and programs are found throughout the industry. Social health clubs combine the social aspects of relaxation and stress relief with the best traditional offerings.

Balinese Springs creates an oasis for like-minded young professionals looking for a place to escape with others who are into a balanced lifestyle and overall well-being and happiness.

Different from the rest…

Balian Springs is a 100000 square foot social health club for a community of strong and unique individuals each on their own journey of self-care for health well-being and mind soothing.

It is designed as an experiential wellness sanctuary filled with products to integrate a meaningful balance between all aspects of wellness: physical mental spiritual and social. Our toolset is crafted with purpose and passion.

No matter how far along your wellness journey or how you define self-care you can find your experience at Paleon Springs.

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