VIP Karaoke Canley Heights – Level 1/239 Canley Vale Rd, Australia

VIP Karaoke Canley Heights

VIP Karaoke Canley Heights


VIP Karaoke Canley Heights – One way to relieve stress from busy work is to go somewhere fun. There are many places where you can entertain yourself and have fun, one of which is VIP Karaoke Bar – Canley Hights. This karaoke place is located in the Sydney area, Australia, to be precise at Level 1/239 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights NSW 2166, Australia.

For those of you interested in coming to Canley Heights VIP Karaoke, there is some information you should know. Such as address, telephone number and opening hours. vip karaoke canley heights is one of the popular places and is known by the people of Canley Heights. A karaoke place that will make you comfortable, with a relaxed, clean room, a large selection of songs, drinks and food available, and friendly service staff.

This is what makes Canley Heights VIP Karaoke visited by many people who live in the Canley Heights area or those who are traveling in Sydney Australia. Tourists can come anytime to VIP Karaoke Bar Canley Heights during opening hours.

VIP Karaoke Canley Heights Information

  • Place Name: VIP Karaoke Bar – Canley Heights
  • Address: Level 1/239 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights NSW 2166, Australia
  • Service: Karaoke Bar
  • Phone Number: +61468920120
  • Hours:
    • Friday 5PM–12AM
    • Saturday 5PM–12AM
    • Sunday 5–10PM
    • Monday 5PM–12AM
    • Tuesday 5PM–12AM
    • Wednesday 5PM–12AM
    • Thursday 5PM–12AM
  • Website:
  • Location: Maps
  • Price: Room Rates start From $100/HR

VIP Karaoke Canley Heights

VIP Karaoke Canley Heights Reviews

As the best and most popular karaoke place, of course, VIP karaoke canley heights has been visited by many people. Those who have visited also leave good reviews on their maps account and recommend it. Here are some of the best review snippets left by customers on canley heights karaoke vip:

Caroline Dao: Tried ALL the cocktails!! And loved them all. My favorite cocktail was the Ginza. We got the banquet which was 60pp, which came with 3 entree and 3 mains. I highly recommend getting scallops, the cauliflower puree was amazing (I wanted to lick it off the plate). The chicken wing were pretty good too. The salmon was cooked perfectly. The staff and very friendly and the venue was very spacious. It would also be a great place to have a few drinks with friends. The venue also had a few arcade machines and a pool table. Would definitely be coming back!

Jessica Tang: If you’re from southwest Sydney and don’t want to travel all the way into the city for dinner and karaoke, then this place is perfect. Amazing local karaoke bar that serves amazing tasting Asian food! Flavours were spot on! All savoury dishes were perfect. Cocktails were great too, loved the ‘After 8’ shot. Desserts were decent, not wow. Excellent service. Highly recommend!

Michael Davidson: I came here for a private party after an event. I was impressed by the size of the Karaoke rooms and the food (I had some Karaage Chicken and a Ginger Ninja to drink) was pretty good.

Cindy QTrinh Nguyen: Nice vibe, great room we got for 10+ ppl. Karaoke machine songs were a bit limited than expected and was a bit of a fiddle at the start cos system was all in Chinese. Staff had to come to reset it. Was $10pp/hr for our group. It had a feature to add backup vocals which was great. Chinese Korean songs didn’t have Pinyin/romanized lyrics as well so it was a bit more challenging but it was fun.

Johnathan Brown: Big room. Sound quality is great. Display was big. Lights were not too bright.
Lack of song variety and also some popular songs were not available which is quite disapointing.

That’s the information about canley heights VIP karaoke that we can provide, I hope it’s useful for you. If you want to add other information about vip karaoke canley heights, or share your experience visiting it, please write it in the comments. Of course, the information you provide will also be useful for other people who want to go there.

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