Kono Coin Karaoke Melbourne – 601 Little Lonsdale St, Australia

coin karaoke melbourne

Coin Karaoke Melbourne


Coin Karaoke Melbourne – One of the activities that many do to please themselves is to go singing with their family or with close friends. When you are in Melbourne, Australia there is one karaoke place that is popular and many people visit for karaoke. Its name is Kono Coin Karaoke, this place offers quite complete facilities and satisfying service.

There are various kinds of facilities available at Kono Coin Karaoke, including clean and comfortable rooms, a large selection of songs for karaoke, the best quality sound system, food and drinks that you can order as a complement to karaoke and friendly operational staff who will help run things smoothly. You are karaokeing at Coin Karaoke Melbourne.

The price offered by Coin Karaoke Melbourne is quite cheap, starting at $2 for 1 Song. Interested in visiting Kono Coin Karaoke Melbourne, please find out the address information, telephone number and opening hours in advance.

Coin Karaoke Melbourne Information

Below is information about Kono Coin Karaoke that you should know before going there:

  • Place Name: Kono Coin Karaoke
  • Address: 601 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
  • Service: Video Karaoke
  • Phone Number: +61404881123
  • Hours:
    • Friday 2PM–3AM
    • Saturday 2PM–3AM
    • Sunday 2PM–2AM
    • Monday 2PM–2AM
    • Tuesday 2PM–2AM
    • Wednesday 2PM–2AM
    • Thursday 2PM–2AM
  • Website: –
  • Location: Maps

coin karaoke

Kono Coin Karaoke Reviews

As the best karaoke place in the Little Lonsdale St area, of course Kono Coin Karaoke is interesting for customers to visit. Many guests have come to Coin Karaoke Melbourne and they also give good reviews based on the location and facilities. The following is a snippet of the featured reviews left by arriving guests:

Jac: Pretty sure this is the first coin operated karaoke place here in Melbourne. It has proper Korean machines in each booth and have a range of songs in English / Japanese / Chinese / Indonesian as well as Korean of course. Instructions on the wall on how to use the machines is straightforward.

Can sing in each booth that fits up to 4 people, or on a public stage upstairs if you’re brave. You pay by cash within the booth itself and if you don’t have cash on you there’s an ATM on site too.

Pricing isn’t bad either, good place to kill time or even start a night (or potentially end it)

Pinay.Foodie: Have you guys tried this new coin booth karaoke in melbourne? 🎤

📍 Kono Coin Karaoke — 601 little lonsdale street, melbourne 3000

They brought the Korean karaoke phenomenon to Melbourne. Come down and belt out your favorite song in these disco-lit coin-operated singing booths. 💕

You can come in groups (up to 4-5 people per booth) or arrive solo and choose from multiple booths in this 2-storey venue. Plus, they also a mini stage for those who want to sing in an open group setting or as a party venue. 🌈

You can choose from a large song library that includes
English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino. 🇵🇭

So what are you waiting for? 🎤🎤

Andrew Lee: Great for some super quick karaoke fun. Works like an arcade. Come in, choose a booth (designed for 2, but u could fit 4 maybe), enter cash into a machine, sing! $20 gets you 12 songs = around 45 min of fun. So pretty cheap compared to a standard karaoke venue.

There’s also a floor/stage upstairs where you can sing and embarrass yourself as everyone in the venue and people on the street can hear you

Leah Sornsawan Nipatvaranan: It’s a really good place for karaoke singing by myself .Even though there is only Korean on screen and remote control system, the staff will provide an instruction in English. Pretty easy to use the remote control. Moreover, I was being surprised that there are plenty of Japanese, English and Korean songs.
By the way, I do recommend this place!

Jordon Gan: Easily the best place to go for karaoke hands down if you are looking to sing any Kpop or Korean songs in general, since most karaoke bars generally have a handful of those songs. Lovely atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and helpful too in that they will provide you English translations of how to use the karaoke machine controller as that is in Korean.

To the experience, If you have experienced coin karaoke before, then the experience is just like the ones in Korea. If you have not, it is similar to an arcade machine in that you insert coins or notes into the karaoke machine and then can choose any song you want to sing depending on how much you have inserted. Costs are $2 for 1 song, $5 for 3, $10 for 6 and $20 for 12 songs respectively. Very convenient for those who want to sing just a handful of songs or are alone or in a small group as these booths can usually fit 2 to 4 people generally.

I personally find this to be cheaper and effective approach than most karaoke bars as those can generally be quite expensive, even though they provide food and drinks and this place does not.

Easily will come here again in a heartbeat, if I want to go karaoke at a reasonable price!!!

That’s all the information we can share about Coin Karaoke Melbourne, I hope it’s useful for you. If you want to add other information about Coin Karaoke, you can write it in the comments.

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