Venezia Nail Spa – Nail Salon in Prosper, Texas, United States

Venezia Nail Spa

Venezia Nail Spa


Venezia Nail Spa – One of the famous nail salons in Prosper, Texas is Venezia Nail Spa. This salon is a beauty salon that already has many customers. Are you currently looking for information about Venezia Nail Spa? If yes, then you’ve found it. This article provides information on the address, telephone number and opening hours of Venezia Nail Spa.

Venice Nail Spa

The following is the information we can provide about Venezia Nail Spa:

  • Place Name: Venezia Nail Spa
  • Service: Nail Salon in Prosper, Texas
  • Address: 861 S Preston Rd, Prosper, TX 75078, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 469-481-6602
  • Hours:
    • Friday 9:30AM–7:30PM
    • Saturday 9AM–7PM
    • Sunday 11:30AM–6PM
    • Monday 9:30AM–7:30PM
    • Tuesday 9:30AM–7:30PM
    • Wednesday 9:30AM–7:30PM
    • Thursday 9:30AM–7:30PM
  • Maps:

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Reviews on Venezia Nail Spa

Venezia Nail Spa has pretty good reviews on Google. Almost all customers who have ever come give good reviews. Here are some Venezia Nail Spa reviews from customers:

Tera Skye: I just want to write about how much I appreciate dee for fixing my nails today. I came in after an awful experience i had this morning at another salon in Dallas . I was fully expecting Dee to have to remove my nails and redo them completely due to liability. I don’t get my nails done much anymore because of work and this weekend is going to be a very special weekend for me so I wanted my nails to look nice. Dee told me he could fix my nails without removal and did so In about 15 minutes and he made them just absolutely perfect! Thank you Venezia salon and Dee for giving me the service I was looking for. Returning to you guys from now on!

Barbara Bingham: This is the best my nails have looked in years. Lillian is a true pro. Thank you. I live outside of austin and I’ll be getting my nails done in Prosper

Magnolia Rivera: Love my nails. Holly was sweet and patient with me. I always tend to tense my fingers. I told her in advance. She was sweet and reminded me to relax. Ombre with sns 159 (pink) and white (bunny). Be sure to know exactly what you want and nicely ask all your questions. I needed tips to get this length. Holly modeled how would they look when shaped. I do not like very long nails. So I needed to make sure I was happy with the length after she cut them. I asked her to help me to get them as thin as posible and I make sure to run one of my nails under the others to unglued them and allow her to remove excess of glue. Excellent experience :).

Isabell Catarino: Just had the best pedicure ever! 𝙰𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚊 is sooo great! She is very patient and takes her time and doesn’t make you feel as if they are in a rush!

Alyssa Desiderio: Honestly the best customer service and manicure pedicure I have ever received. The minute I walked in the door I was greeted with a friendly smile and assistance in picking exactly what I wanted since it was my first time here. As soon as I was done choosing my color the sweet girl at the front door asked if I was set and escorted me to my chair. Less than a minute and both of my techs were there. Both so sweet.

I get awfully dry heels and I let her (Sam) know and she took great care of it! The nail color I chose would up being see through so she (Lauren) sampled a couple of other options to find the perfect color! Both manicure and pedicure came perfect! Zero flaws, and I am the girl that stares at everything and nitpicks. Both front door girls came to check how everything was going and if I needed anything. I was checkout quickly and left with multiple very friendly goodbyes. I will 100% be going here from bow on! Thanks so much Sam and Lauren and all of the friendly staff!

Amy Moffatt: This was my first visit here and I was delighted. Brought my 14-yr-old daughter and my 73-year-old mother-in-law. Salon was so busy but very efficient and the ladies in front were so friendly and attentive. Manicurists we’re equally as great. All were delighted with the results. Even though they were extremely busy, there was no rushed feeling. I will definitely be back.

Stephanie LaFerney: Super friendly staff. They treated my 9 yr old daughter and I so well. Cleanest and most organized nail salon I’ve been to. My acrylic/shellac nails were done perfectly. The lady who did them was efficient but paid attention to detail. We will definitely become regulars.

Tammy Nelson: I have been getting my nails done for years and have been going to Venezia for at least 2 years I usually just go as a walk-in and get whoever is available. Kay came as a recommendation. I won’t go to anyone else! Her attention to detail is amazing. I highly recommend her.

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