Le Mandarin Spa – 22 Havelock Rd, #01-711, Singapore 160022

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Le Mandarin Spa


Le Mandarin Spa – One of the most popular massage and spa places in Singapore is Le Mandarin Spa. Here you will find great comfort. Many massage services are offered by Le Mandarin Spa, such as Oriental Massage, Le Mandarin Hot Oil Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Ear Refreshing, Ear Candling and many others.

One of the places that you can use as a place to relax and calm your mind is to go to a spa, and going to Le Mandarin Spa is the right choice. Its strategic location makes this spa place easy to find. Of course, the therapists who will serve you are experienced and professional in terms of massage, so don’t worry about how they serve.

Le Mandarin Spa works to improve quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation. Treatments designed to satisfy the body, are provided by highly trained staff in the field of massage therapy as well as a full range of body therapies.

Le Mandarin Spa Information

Before you decide to go to Le Mandarin Spa, it’s good to know the information available. The following is the address, telephone number and opening hours of Le Mandarin Spa:

  • Place Name: Le Mandarin Spa
  • Service: Massage Spa in Singapore
  • Address: 22 Havelock Rd, #01-711, Singapore 160022
  • Phone Number: +6563770628
  • Hours:
    • Wednesday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Thursday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Friday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Saturday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Sunday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Monday 9AM–10:30PM
    • Tuesday 9AM–10:30PM
  • Website: https://www.lemandarinspa.sg
  • Location: Maps Le Mandarin Spa
  • Facebook: Le Mandarin Spa
  • Instagram: Le Mandarin Spa

That’s the information we can provide about Le Mandarin Spa, hopefully it can be useful. If you want to add other information or want to share your experience about Le Mandarin Spa, please write it in the comments.

Le Mandarin Spa Reviews

Many have tried to come to Le Mandarin Spa and they are very satisfied with the service. Here are some snippets of featured customer reviews on Le Mandarin Spa:

C K Wee: Mango is my go to therapist, she is very skillful in her massage, her strength is very comfortable. She is very polite and friendly, able to hold good conversation to ensure that you will not be bored throughout the session. I have visit her more than a year. Overall a very enjoyable session, highly recommended!!.

Jas WJ: Recently went for a session and was served by Connie. She can hold a good conversation with her clients. Her massage skills are great as well, and I feel more refreshed after the session. This is my 3rd visit (Earlier was with Coco and Kelly), and I might visit again next time for my massage fix!

David Tan: First time visit to Le Mandarin Spa. Enviroment was cosy and nice and greeted by friendly receptionist. Joy was an excellent masseuse with good massage skill. She was friendly, patient and had good strength and experience finding the right pressure to relieve the tension on my back. Definitely recommended.

Raymond: So far I’ve visited Le Mandarin spa a couple of times and my regular therapist is Connie. Connie is full of positive energy and has a warm and friendly disposition. She always helps me to ease my aches and sores with her excellent massage skills.

Bobby See: Decided to drop by for a masage last week since I was near Havelock area. Booked Chanel and her massage is strong and professional. Excellent service by her! Would definitely come back again for the massage by Chanel. Place is cosy and nice environment

eugene Soh: Nice place. Served by Becky who is new. Strength just nice for my body. Sweet looking with ample strength n experience. Nice atmosphere.

Eric Ho: Great place for a massage. Mango is my go-to therapist. Good amount of strength and pressure points

MYazid Hazard: Today on 10/06/2022…. I went to have a 1hour oriental massage with Yuna at 10am…. For my first time with Yuna…. She kneel with ease and my body pain was gone…. I can sense that she had alot of experience working here…. She also was very courteous and nice to talking with her…. Yuna has make me a very pleasant day today 😁…. I recommended to book Yuna If u need a really nice and relaxing massage 💆‍♂️💆‍♂️💪💪👍👍!!!!

Che Yong Lee: Look for Mango, had a really good massage. professional and hit all the right spots to soothe your muscle aches.

Guohui Lim: Great spa and nice relax environment to release tiredness, chanel is my first therapist to go for, she is friendly, good massage skill especially on the head 💆‍♂️.

Yq Chia: Winter is a good massage therapist, she is very good at massage, nice to chat. Next time will come back again.

Kah Mun LaiFaye is my go to therapist, she is very skillful in her massage, her strength is very comfortable. She is very polite and friendly, able to hold good conversation to ensure that you will not be bored throughout the session. Overall a very enjoyable session, highly recommended!!

Hussien Reamon: Star is your go-to-masseuse if in need of great massage . She will check for your tolerance level. Good hands, strong pressure, and relaxing strokes. Best part? She will not rush! Chill and comfy. Overall an awesome experience with her. Will come back for Star for sure and be a patron customer.

Please send my nice review to her! Thank you!

Conan Edogawa: My first time visiting Le Mandarin Spa, Chloe is easy to communicate and very skillful in massage, her hands and fingers did every important spot, it made me feel comfortable and relaxing after the session, I may come again.

Arai Santos: Timi is your go-to masseuse if in need of great massage. She will check for your tolerance level. Good hands!!! Best part? She did not rush! Relaxing and comfy. Overall a great exp with her. Will come back for timi for sure! Keep it up girl!!!

Dean Lim: Best massage with Yuna in Le Mandarin Spa. They are totally legit, no funny business or shady dealing. Yuna is amazing, friendly and understanding. I feel great after every session! I feel more energetic; more relaxed physically, emotionally and mentally; any aches and pains I may have had going in (headaches, muscle aches, pinched nerves) are all relieved when my session is complete. Far superior to any chain or private masseuse I’ve tried.

Happy!: I have engaged Soda for 1 hr to massage my back. She totally has the skills to tackle my backache problem. A very good therapist who is caring for her client and communicate well. After the massage, my backache is almost done. Very nice of her and her skill is superior! Thank you Soda! Will visit again!

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