Klangon Hill, Another Great Place For Sightseeing is Available Near by Merapi

klangon hill

Klangon Hill, Another Great Place For Sightseeing is Available Near by Merapi

Klangon Hill – Merapi has its own beauty and attraction. There are many tourist attractions around the slopes of this mountain. Merapi mountain slope is the one of the visitor’s favourite places to visit because they can feel the fresh air while enjoying the amazing view of this mountain.

It will take the tourism entrepreneur’s interest to develop the tourism industry in Sleman, especially around Merapi, just like Klangon Hill Merapi as the example.

Klangon Hill Merapi carries of Gardu pandang (scenic view point) as the main attraction of this object. Meanwhile, this Merapi scenic view point concept is really different with other scenic view point.

The greatest Merapi mountain is the main the focus of the view. From this scenic view point, we can see the great beautiful amazing Merapi.

Not only famous with its scenic view point, the Klangon Hill Merapi is also well known as the one of the best downhill race in Yogyakarta. This area is having some sircuit created for the mountain bike riders (MTB). In addition, nationals or regionals downhill racing competition is also held here.

To reach Klangon Hill Merapi from Yogyakarta city, you can start from Kaliurang Street. Afterward, you just need to go straight to the north untill you find T-junction to Merapi golf or The Lost World Castle route.

Then you have to turn right and go ahead to the East. If you find allready the T-Junction, you should turn left and follow the direction to the Klangon Hill. Klangon hill is only about 2 km from The Lost World Castle.

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