Joneling Chi Spa House – Massage Spa in Eng Hoon St, Singapore

joneling chi spa house

Joneling Chi Spa House


Joneling Chi Spa House – Are you currently looking for information about Joneling Chi Spa House? Joneling Chi Spa House is one of the spa places in Singapore. They have experience in serving customers, both male and female. You will get comfortable at the spa here. With complete facilities, as well as experienced and professional therapists, your mind and body will be refreshed.

Joneling Chi Spa House

Before you visit this spa place, it’s good to know information about Joneling Chi Spa House. The following is the information we can provide:

  • Place Name: Joneling Chi Spa House
  • Service: Massage Spa in Singapore
  • Address: 17 Eng Hoon St, #01-05, Singapore 169767
  • Phone Number: +6562226678
  • Hours:
    • Sunday 10AM–10:30PM
    • Monday 10AM–10:30PM
    • Tuesday 10AM–10:30PM
    • Wednesday 10AM–10:30PM
    • Thursday 10AM–10:30PM
    • Friday 10AM–10:30PM
    • Saturday 10AM–10:30PM
  • Location: Maps Joneling Chi Spa House
  • Facebook: Joneling Chi Spa House

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Reviews of Joneling Chi Spa House

Below are some reviews given by customers on Joneling Chi Spa House:

SR A: I like this place for a good bargain..i spent just around 20$ for a seasonal package of 1hr reflexology..the room realy comfort and spacious. I got tea and various chocolate for free after massage. The theraphist really good, she know how to untied all the knot and muscle pain around my feet and leg without cause me any pain. Really reccomended! Very tourist friendly…no unnecessary brag…no rip-off/scam at all. This is my personal experience..i hope others have the same good experience as i had.

rei godspeed: Good service provided by therapists. I feel so nua after massage. Pls do take note there is no kfc nearby

Larry Lim: Excellent reflexology experience, the kind that makes you squeal like a pig in pain during, but leaves you feeling refreshed and springy after. No pain no gain! Toe pulling, leg whacking, tendon pinching, the lady I got did it all. She dug through all the fatty layers and eased out the scrunched up sinews and muscles within my battered feet and left my head tingling from the pressure points.

Super clean establishment. Germaphobes, rest easy. Hot water soaking tubs are lined with plastic bags and disposed of for each client, and the masseuses wear thin plastic gloves the entire time they touch your scuzzy feet and legs.

Nice contemporary decor with everything squeaky clean and new.

They offer you complimentary beverages, and the room my partner and I were in had a big screen TV for us to channel surf though.

Best of all the prices are really reasonable and they have promo packages that bring the cost down further.

Mary Selva: Good experience. The staff was pleasant. The lady pressed my stiff shoulder till it became more relaxed. Birthday gift from my son who brought me there.

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