Exploring Bantul Regency in South Yogyakarta and How To Get There

bantul, Exploring Bantul Regency in South Yogyakarta and How To Get There

Exploring Bantul Regency in South Yogyakarta and How To Get There


Bantul Regency in Yogyakarta Special Regency Province – Yogyakarta Special Region consists of several regencies and all of them are worth to visit, especially related to tourism.

One of them is Bantul Regency and it resides in the south part of the region. The region is known for several beautiful south beaches and highlands.

Not to mention tourists can find some unique vacation spots that relate to religions and culture. Plus, some distinct snacks and traditional foods are available for tourists to enjoy during the visit.

Tourists can also find more information related to the tragic natural disaster in the past. They only need to talk to the locals about it later.

The Nuance

The region’s motto is both professionalism and productivity. No wonder, people who live in that area are hard workers and some of them work as a craftsman.

When it comes to nuance, Bantul Regency consists of several majestic rivers and beautiful forest landscapes. Despite the fact, it also offers some sophisticated vacation spots to tourists.

The west is sloping while the north and south part is hilly. This explains why Bantul is suitable for an exploration and adventure.

Exploring Bantul Regency

The first thing that tourists can do in Bantul Regency is to meet the locals. People who live in that area are indeed friendly. For the information, some of those people work as a farmer while others work in industries and commercials.

Tourists can also easily find a guide service there, so don’t worry. The good thing is villagers are always ready to help visitors regarding both direction and other crucial tourism information. It is likely tourists are able to learn local culture easily during the visit, too.

What is more? Bantul Regency is also known for culinary. Thus, tourists must explore the region and find all traditional snacks and foods! Some recommended choices are Sate Klathak, Geplak, Oseng Emprit, Tupai Soup, Karangan, and Tolpit.

Each of them has a distinct flavor and unique texture. As for the price, it is negotiable. That means tourists can get a cheaper price by bargaining. For foreigners or outsiders, they can take advantage of a guide’s service when it comes to bargaining later.

The next recommended thing to do is to watch or join local events. The most famous ones are Bantul Expo and Kirab Budaya Dlingo. One thing, tourists must find the right schedule and location before watching those events.

What about natural tourism? Well, Bantul has the famous Parangtritis Beach and other stunning beaches. Everyone should not miss these! Even a sacred site is available to visit, which is Imogiri Cemetery.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kalibuntung Village
  • Genteng Bendo Monument
  • Puton Village
  • Ranukumbahan

How to Get There

The distance between Yogyakarta City (downtown) and Bantul Regency is considered near. Thus, it is easy to get there. However, outsiders should take advantage of an airplane to reach the Yogyakarta Special Region first.

A flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Adisucipto Airport may take around 1 hour and 10 minutes, actually. Once tourists arrive at the airport, they can simply take Imogiri Timur Street and reach Bantul Regency immediately. This trip may take about 27 minutes, as the distance is 20.8 km. Source: http://www.indonesia-tourism.com/yogyakarta/bantul_regency.html

Where to Stay

  • Opak Village Inn
  • Subardi Homestay
  • ?
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