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Donelson Massage Center

Donelson Massage Center


Donelson Massage Center – Are you looking for information about Donelson Massage Center? One of the best spas in Nashville, Tennessee is the Donelson Massage Center. This place is a popular place for those who want to do body massage. There are many services offered at Donelson Massage Center that will make your body refreshed and your mind refreshed.

It is perfect for those of you who want to relieve muscle tension or want to escape the ordeal of a long day. The Donelson Massage Center offers a retreat that you can tailor to your needs. The calm and relaxing atmosphere of the place and the sound of peaceful music, will make you feel calmer. In addition, you will be served by experienced and professional therapists.

Information of Donelson Massage Center

Before you visit Donelson Massage Center, it’s good to know the information available. The following is the address, telephone number and opening hours of Donelson Massage Center:

  • Place Name: Donelson Massage Center
  • Service: Massage Therapist in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Address: 2334 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214, United States
  • Phone Number: +16158929704
  • Hours:
    • Friday 9AM–10PM
    • Saturday 9AM–10PM
    • Sunday 9AM–10PM
    • Monday 9AM–10PM
    • Tuesday 9AM–10PM
    • Wednesday 9AM–10PM
    • Thursday 9AM–10PM
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Danelson Massage Center
  • Location: Maps Danelson Massage Center

That’s the information we can provide about Donelson Massage Center, hopefully it will be useful for you. If you want to add other information or want to share your experience about Donelson Massage Center, please write it in the comments column.

Donelson Massage Center

Donelson Massage Center Reviews

As the best massage place in Nashville, Tennesse, of course Donelson Massage Center has been trusted by many customers. They have also been getting great reviews on Google and social media. Here are some snippets of the best customer reviews for Donelson Massage Center:

Isamary Mendoza: I highly recommend this place! Had a membership for a couple of months and it was well worth it! Massage chair waiting room before getting your massage is the cherry on top! Will be getting another membership with them in the near future. I highly recommended massage therapists Peter and Gabriel. I do a lot of driving for my job and my back is always so tense, they do a fantastic job of relieving pain.

Gina Robertson: Hands down best massage I’ve ever had. I’ve lived in Tennessee a year and a half and was still driving to Louisville regularly to get massages because I hadn’t found a local spot in wanted to commit to yet. I’m definitely committed now.

Not only was the massage good, but the space is impeccable and you can tell everyone here loves their jobs which to me is a reflection of excellent management. From the time I called on the phone and the front desk person patiently answering my 50 million questions and getting me booked in, to my experience at check in and check out, everything was excellent. Purchased the membership and can’t wait to return.

Leslie N. Monteiro: 1000 STARS.
Sarah is THE BEST. I loved the massage and felt leaving brand new.
I love that they offer a free massage before my massage in the luxury massage chairs (unlike any chair I have ever experienced)
I loved the free cucumber water offered to me and the luxury scrub they have in the bathrooms.

100000% RECOMMEND!

Dylan Swanson: Scheduled a 60 min deep tissue massage with Jada. Absolutely great customer experience. From the massage chairs in the waiting room, to listening to the customers needs; Donelson MC not only sets the bar for customer experience, they exceed it. Highly recommend.

Dave Anihi: Every single time I’ve been here, they’ve done a great job. They have multiple types of therapists for different needs. In my case, I have a shoulder injury I’m nursing back to health. One of the therapists I had specialized in sports injuries, another had a background in PT. Both have helped immensely with getting full mobility back in my shoulder. Occasionally, you will have to sit and wait an extra 15 minutes past your appointment time. But that’s about the only negative I can say. Legitimate place. No hanky panky.

J. Barrett: Friendly customer service at the front counter and good service by the massage therapist that I visit. One of the cleaner facilities that I have seen and definitely comfortable beds for the massage. I recommend checking it out!

Erik Green: I finally booked an appointment here and I’m very glad I did. My wife has a membership and she had a few extra credits. I’m going back for my third massage Saturday. It’s clean, professional, warm, and relaxing.

Lakesha Taylor: This place is so amazing! I instantly felt calmness as I walked into the building. No wait at all. I was immediately greeted by my masseuse and she asked about the areas I want to focus on. This is my first professional massage EVER (i know, i know) and I have decided to sign up for the membership. This is self care on another level and it’s affordable! Already have my next appt booked for 2 weeks out. I’m so happy I found this place! My massage was everything, Miss Michah got all of the knots out and she really knows how to work her hands! Thank you so much for this amazing experience

Wendy Halsey: This is a regular planned event for my self care. Really clean, welcoming place. Very professional therapists and all the right amenities. This is THE best place for massage therapy.

Emily Byers: Couples massage with Jack and Amber was amazing! Very clean and relaxing place with excellent customer service. We will definitely be back.

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