Liaquatabad Postal Code – Information of Postal/Zip Code Liaquatabad

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Liaquatabad Postal Code


Liaquatabad Town is an administrative unit in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. It is one of the largest towns in Karachi and is located in the central part of the city. Liaquatabad Town is known for its bustling and diverse urban landscape, with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

The town is well-connected and easily accessible, with major roads, transportation links, and a number of public amenities located in the area. Despite the fast-paced urban environment, Liaquatabad Town remains a popular location for those seeking to live or work in Karachi.

The postal code for Liaquatabad, Karachi, Pakistan is 75300

The zip code for Liaquatabad, Karachi, Pakistan is 75300

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