Jomblang Cave is The Best Adventure Trip While in Yogyakarta

cheap yogyakarta packages, Jomblang Cave is The Best Adventure Trip While in Yogyakarta

Jomblang Cave is The Best Adventure Trip While in Yogyakarta


Looking for a spot other than the city. Gunung Kidul might be the best option. Getting into the mud, roll down into Jomblang cave. And explore the rainforest beneath it.

The entire activities will be an exciting and unforgettable moment. Jomblang Cave offers a marvelous natural cave with the locals keeps saying a light of paradise.

Located 10 km from the center of Wonosari. And 50 km from the city center Yogyakarta. This trip will take one and a half hours.

Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave with an amazing underground view. The cave has become an icon of the world geopark. Natural vegetation and the ancient forest will directly take a breath away.

For some that never try caving will considered Jomblang cave as an extreme challenge. Not only a safety aspect require to be taken seriously. It takes and drains a lot of energy. But most of the people coming here rate it as the must-try activities and addicting.

Jomblang Cave Attraction

Caving in Jomblang Cave is more challenging because of the vertical location of the cave. There are some caving lanes. The highness of the lane is 40 meters to 90 meters.


One of the most often used lanes is the VIP and it’s divided into two. The first one involves walking in the slope and roll down to the 15 meters.

The second one is a 20-meter lane descending with a rope. For an experienced and adventurer one, Gua Grubug might be the more challenging choice.

Descending from 90 meters high in the dark and high humidity will pump the adrenalin. The adventure continues with 300 meters trekking to get to the best spot seeing the ray of light.

During caving, visitor will rappel using single rope technique (SRT). This kind of activity is the most challenging for a traveler. Especially for those who never done it.

The Forest

The ancient forest offers a magnificent view of various kind of flora. The age of some giant tree in Jomblang cave is old enough; even the species is unknown.

Every side of the cave is interesting to explore. With the surroundings of the cave still natural and its unique cave wall. Visitor also might get to see a rare plant. Snap a picture while rappelling. And don’t miss the most amazing moment to take a shot when the ray of light appears.

Jomblang Cave Entrance & Tour Fee

There is no entrance fee to enter the Jomblang Cave area. However to do caving activities. A visitor needs to book a tour. The quota of visitor per day is only 80 people. Make sure to book ahead or go early. The registration will close at 10:00 am or even early when the quota is full.

Jomblang Cave Tour Fee

Children (>7 years) and Adult IDR 500.000

Opening Hours Of Jomblang Cave

Registration is open a day before and closed at 10:00 am. Or even early if the quota 80 pax/day is full. Before making any plan, make sure to check the weathercast. Sunny weather and the sunrise is the perfect timing for caving. The best moment light of heaven will start from 10 AM up to 12 at noon.

Jomblang Cave Operational Hours

Caving Operational Hours 9:00 a.m – 1.00 p.m

Things To Prepare Before Caving In Jomblang Cave

Caving need not only fit energy but also a strong mind and willing to do this activity. The challenging activities require a traveler to be in the best shape.

Preparation for safety and proper outfit should be the main concern. Wear the most comfortable outfit to do this activity, like a cotton shirt and parachute trousers.

A specific outfit is not necessary however to avoid getting scratch. Wear a trouser. Leave the jeans. Jeans will only limit the movement of the body.

In addition, wear comfortable shoes, a boot or sports shoes. Prepare a dry bag for the camera and do not forget to bring changing clothes.

Guidelines And What To Avoid

Traveler should consider the location and the risk to do caving. Since these kinds of activities considered as an extreme sport. People with hypertension, acrophobia, achluophobia is prohibited to do this activity. Double check the standard and tour credibility before making an appointment.

Caving Preparation

Don’t get tempted by a tour offering cheap price. Some people confirm they get canceled on the spot knowing the quota is full. Some visitor also reports they have to come back the next day.

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