Goodwood Postal Code – Postal/Zip Code Goodwood, South Africa

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Goodwood Postal Code


Goodwood is a suburb located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is situated to the northeast of the city center and is known for its mix of residential and commercial areas. Goodwood has a long history and is one of the older suburbs of Cape Town, with many of its buildings and homes dating back several decades.

The suburb is well-connected and easily accessible, with a number of public transportation links and major roads located in the area. Despite its proximity to the city center, Goodwood has a more relaxed and suburban feel, with a number of parks, green spaces, and other amenities that make it an attractive location for families and those seeking a more laid-back lifestyle.

The postal code for Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa is 7460

The zip code for Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa is 7460

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