At an altitude of over 2000 meters, is the Dieng Plateau located. It is a volcanic plateau once created by the eruption of the volcano Prau and the attendant collapse of the crater walls. Due to the location at altitude here it’s considerably cooler than in the surrounding lowlands. And not only that, it is often foggy, which emphasizes the mystical character of this area moreover.

Between the eighth and ninth centuries Javanese Hindu built hundreds of temples here and made of Dieng Plateau a holy place. The name is derived from the words Di (residence) and Hyang (Gods) and so it means “City of the Gods”.

Of the many temples that once stood here, there are about eight left, including the Arjuna temple complex (also known as the Pandawa temples), consisting of five Shiva temples. They are considered to be the oldest Hindu structures in Java and are therefore of great archaeological significance.

But the Dieng Plateau has far more to offer. Then not only the presence of the ancient temples but also the scenic beauty makes a visit to this area more than worth. In the beautiful landscape of mountains, lakes and volcanic activity one can make wonderful walks.

For instance to the Kawah Sikidang, a volcanic crater with bubbling and steaming geysers, sulfur springs and mud pools, which can be approach to within a few meters.

This once again shows that the Dieng Plateau is still an active volcanic area. Another attraction in the enchanting and unique landscape of the Dieng Plateau is the beautiful Telaga Warna.

A lake that is colored green to blue due to the sulfur content of the water. For those who are willing to get up very early in the Dieng Plateau has a fascinating spectacle in store.

From the Viewpoint Setieng it’s possible – if the weather conditions allow – to witness an unforgettable sunrise. The sunrise here is of an unparalleled beauty, then one does not speak for any of the ” Golden Sunrise “.

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